• End Game

    End Game

    A fortuitous fall near sign at Fresno Falcons hockey game.

  • Fresno Falcons Uppercut

    Fresno Falcons Uppercut

    The Fresno Falcons hockey team was nicknamed the 'Fighting Falcons' for a good reason.

  • Above the Rim

    Above the Rim

    The perspective from the catwalk is unique.

  • Dust Storm

    Dust Storm

    A Fresno City College baseball player slides into second base.

  • Bullrider


    Ray Har takes a spill during the Clovis Rodeo.

  • Under Water Polo

    Under Water Polo

    I donned my scuba gear during a Fresno State water polo match.

  • Sweet Victory

    Sweet Victory

    Buchanan High School volleyball players relish a league championship victory.

  • Loss Comfort

    Loss Comfort

    A Fresno City baseball player is comforted by the bat boy after a loss.

  • Triathlete


    A triathlete braves cold water for race preparation.

  • North Shore Surfer

    North Shore Surfer

    A surfer rides a wave at Sunset Beach on a small day.

  • Tower Crit Finish

    Tower Crit Finish

    A Jelly Belly bike racer wins a Cat I race at the Tower Criterium.

  • Triathlete Quenches

    Triathlete Quenches

    A triathlete cools down on a morning run.

  • Brook Lopez

    Brook Lopez

    In high school Brook Lopez was a national prospect and now plays for the Milwaukee Bucks.

  • NCAA Win

    NCAA Win

    A Gonzaga hoopster celebrates a quarter finals victory in Memphis.

  • Lance Armstrong

    Lance Armstrong

    Before his fall from grace Lance Armstrong competed in the Tour of California.

  • Fresno Fog

    Fresno Fog

    Tour of California bike racers get a sample of fog in Fresno.

  • Lost Leg

    Lost Leg

    A boy competes in football practice.

  • Johnny Miller

    Johnny Miller

    Johnny Miller hits out of a bunker at Siverado Country Club.

  • Double Trouble

    Double Trouble

    A Fresno State softball player takes a swing with her shadow not far behind.