• Juan Felipe Herrera

    Juan Felipe Herrera

    National Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera photographed in downtown Fresno.

  • Vasily


    Vasily is a trainer at Performance Gaines gym in Palo Alto.

  • Hassan II Mosque, Morocco

    Hassan II Mosque, Morocco

    Nael Khader reflects in the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca

  • Friendship


    Paul Palmer and Lisa Gallimore share a hug at the Whiskey Flats Encampment in Kernville, CA.

  • Retired Detective Fred Ray

    Retired Detective Fred Ray

    Fred Ray is a retired Santa Barbara Sheriff’s department investigator who will present matching DNA and other evidence in the murder trial of Joseph DeAngelo, also known as the Golden State Killer.

  • Boma Dinner

    Boma Dinner

    Jesse was a server for a West African themed dinner in Fresno.

  • Louise Jones

    Louise Jones

    Louise Jones lives in a friend's trailer in Fairmead and works odd jobs to make ends meet.

  • Gator


    Robert 'Gator' Williams, 83, is a longtime resident of Fairmead, CA.

  • Tommy


    Tommy is detained at the Fresno Juvenile Detention Facility.

  • Ash, Ouazzane, Morocco

    Ash, Ouazzane, Morocco

    Ash, Ouazzane, Morocco

  • Old Man Leh, India

    Old Man Leh, India

    An old man has his portrait taken in Leh, India.

  • Ladahki Shepherd, Tso Moriri

    Ladahki Shepherd, Tso Moriri

    Ladahki Shepherd, Tso Moriri

  • Hornitos Tradition

    Hornitos Tradition

    Faby Reyes participates in the Día de los Muertos tradition in Hornitos, CA.

  • Sequoia Firefighter

    Sequoia Firefighter

  • Anne Scheid

    Anne Scheid

    Anne Scheid is an artist and professor of art at Fresno City College.

  • Attendant


    A restroom attendant at a roadside stop in Morocco

  • Warrior Staff

    Warrior Staff

    First Sergeant(RET) John Garcia served as a paratrooper in WW II, the Korean War, and in Vietnam. He fought in the Battle of the Bulge during WWII. He has received two Bronze Stars, Three Purple Hearts, Combat Infantry Badge with two Stars, Master Jump WIngs, Leadership Tabs, and numerous awards, citations, and campaign ribbons for his meritorious service in the Airborne Division of the U.S. Army. He now resides with his wife Lillian in Squaw Valley. Native American Veterans of all Tribal Nations are serving as Grand Marshalls for the Veterans Day Parade in Fresno on November 11. He is photographed in front of Eagle feathers from an Eagle Staff which represents warriors in battle. Garcia is Native American of the Central Valley Tachi and Wukchumi Tribes.

  • Tambra


    Tambra Banes portrait taken in Clovis.

  • Win McMurry, Host, Gone with the Win.

    Win McMurry, Host, Gone with the Win.

    Win McMurry, Host, Gone with the Win.

  • Valerie Bender

    Valerie Bender

    Valerie Bender has her portrait taken in Fresno.

  • Mud Boy

    Mud Boy

    A boy caked mud on himself at a mud-volleyball tournament in Fresno as a fundraiser for the March of Dimes in Fresno.

  • Natalie Ho, Partners For Growth

    Natalie Ho, Partners For Growth

    Natalie Ho, Partners For Growth

  • Christopher Gaines

    Christopher Gaines

    Christopher Gaines is a physical trainer who advises the San Francisco Forty Niners and owns Performance Gaines in Palo Alto.

  • David 'Mas' Masumoto

    David 'Mas' Masumoto

    David 'Mas' Masumoto, author and organic farmer, talks about the drought in California and how it has affected his practices and the public at large.

  • Guard, Prague

    Guard, Prague

    A guard at the Old Royal Palace in Prague.

  • Kathie Reid, Sports journalist

    Kathie Reid, Sports journalist

    Kathie Reid is a runner,cyclist,journalist, and professor of Child Development at California State, Fresno.

  • Chris Sorensen, Artist

    Chris Sorensen, Artist

    Fresno Artist, Chris Sorensen has his portrait taken while welding a sculpture in his Fresno studio.

  • Shepherd


    Shepherd Raul Ayala looks at the poor pasture land that his employer John Lasgoity is currently having his sheep graze on just South of Avenue 11 in Madera County. Lasgoity said under normal weather patterns the feed in the pasture would be just about knee-high.

  • Brother's Keeper

    Brother's Keeper

    David Williams kisses his brother Curtis Williams at David's home in Fresno on Oct. 28, 2001. Former Washington safety Curtis Williams suffered a severe spinal cord injury in a football game against Stanford. Curtis passed away in May of 2002.

  • John Cunningham, Scientist

    John Cunningham, Scientist

    John Cunningham has his portrait taken behind propane burning silver iodide. The process is used to atomize the solution so vapor goes into clouds with the help of the wind to make precipitation. John works for Atmospherics Inc., a "cloud seeding" company.

  • Kristopher George, M.D.

    Kristopher George, M.D.

    Kristopher George M.D. is a cardiothoracic surgeon in Fresno.

  • Face paint

    Face paint

    A young boy demonstrates the latest in face paint.