A surfer enthusiastically barrels down the face of a wave at Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz.

  • Hornitos Tradition

    Hornitos Tradition

    Two sisters participate in the Día de los Muertos tradition in Hornitos, CA.

  • Reunited Love

    Reunited Love

    Earle Murie, 90, and Laurette Gallo, 89, met when they were 15; they dated, grew up and eventually married other people. But when Gallo reached out to Murie last year wishing him a happy 90th birthday, that call re-kindled the love the two felt all those years ago.

  • Sister's Grief

    Sister's Grief

    Police Chaplain Angelo Frazier comforts a family member of the deceased woman who died while rescuing her four children in a house fire in Bakersfield, CA.

  • Teen at La  Chureca

    Teen at La Chureca

    A teen scavenges at La Chureca dump in Managua, Nicaragua.

  • Venetian Beggar

    Venetian Beggar

    A woman begs in front of a church in Venice, Italy.

  • Mendota Draught

    Mendota Draught

    Farmer Joe Del Bosque walks through a tilled field not planted because he wasn't allocated enough water this year to do so.

  • Sequoia Prescribed Burn

    Sequoia Prescribed Burn

    Fire management officials at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks attempted a prescribed burn entitled the Sherman Prescribed Burn.

  • La Chureca

    La Chureca

    A man scavenges among vultures at La Chureca, the largest open-air dump in Central America located in Managua, Nicaragua.

  • Adopted Child, Costa Rica

    Adopted Child, Costa Rica

    Ismael is adopted at Hogar De Vida orphanage in Costa Rica

  • Baby Cries

    Baby Cries

    A baby cries in the arms of it's young mother at Hospital Veléz Paíz in Managua, Nicaragua.

  • UC Merced

    UC Merced

    Conceived by noted American sculptor Aris Demetrios, "Beginnings" consists of two gently curving, vertical stainless steel arms, each about 40 feet high, rising from a large circular base at UC Merceds. New students begin their scholastic journey as walking through the sculpture and pass through it again upon graduation.

  • Bubble Boy

    Bubble Boy

    Miki Nishijima, 10, of Clovis is one of six national finalists competing July 31 in New York in a bubblegum bubble-blowing contest. The contest will be aired on that day's edition of the "Today" show. Miki won a local contest with a bubble of 20-and-a-half inches. He goes around blowing bubbles bigger than his head and dispensing gum to admirers and friends alike. This bubble burst before reaching contest-winning proportions.

  • Colors of Nicaragua

    Colors of Nicaragua

    A woman closes ber umbrella shortly before entering a bank in Diriamba, Nicaragua.

  • Vulnerable Levee

    Vulnerable Levee

    Water pours through lift #2 of the Fresno Slough Water District through pipes that are capable of running at twenty-five cubic feet a second. The water district hopes to replenish diminished groundwater supplies with some of this water.

  • Hmong Funeral

    Hmong Funeral

    Maylue Her gets comforted by her daughter Angela, 8, stroking her cheek, and other family members at the graveside service for her daughter, Gozoupa Her, at Mountain View Cemetery. Authorities said that Her's death was a suicide while family members think that Her's boyfriend murdered Her.

  • General Vang Pao funeral

    General Vang Pao funeral

    Hmong soldiers who fought for Phagna Norapamok General Vang Pao, prepare to march at his funeral in Fresno,CA.

  • Natural Gas Fire

    Natural Gas Fire

    Brad Hendrix, 29, of Houston, and part of Boots and Coots, oil well firefighters and blowout specialists from Texas, pours water over the base of an oil well that caught fire 45 miles north of Bakersfield near the town of Lost Hills. Methane gas ignited as the well was being dug and continues to burn with flames rising to heights of 150 feet. The conflagration may burn for a week as Boots and Coots begin the process of putting the fire out.

  • Homeless in Fresno

    Homeless in Fresno

    Lana Meranda looks out of her tent in a homeless encampment in Fresno.

  • Hurricane Rita

    Hurricane Rita

    Peggy Turner cries in Marty Viator's arms in front of their flooded house on Pearl St. in Erath, LA on Sunday, September 25, 2005. They live together with their blended family of four children. The storm surge from Hurricane Rita left her neighborhood three feet underwater. Hurricane Rita came soon after Hurricane Katrina.

  • No Where to Go

    No Where to Go

    A cat climbed up a fence and was stranded in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita in Louisiana.

  • Two Worlds

    Two Worlds

    Hmong women in traditional and modern clothing attend the funeral of Hmong Genearal Vang Pao.

  • Helicopter Wash

    Helicopter Wash

    Cadets at the Elkhorn juvenile Facility shield themselves from dust kicked up by a helicopter landing at the facility.

  • Ray Polk, Homeless Minister to the Homeless

    Ray Polk, Homeless Minister to the Homeless

    Ray Polk is a one-man homeless shelter and provides food, clothing, counseling, shelter, and recently has erected a memorial under the Highway 41 overpass in an encampment in South Fresno to honor the homeless who have passed away. Polk has made 77 markers and has plans to make 23 more. Polk can tell a story about how each of those memorialized and how they met their demise. Polk has erected signs with bible verses on them which surround his encampment.

  • Student Volunteer

    Student Volunteer

    A youth lays in the lap of a student volunteer in a summer program for disadvantaged youth in West Fresno.

  • Win McMurry

    Win McMurry

    Win McMurry works on a TV segment at a speak-easy in San Francisco.

  • Win McMurry

    Win McMurry

    Win McMurry, smiles while drinking a custom drink at a Speak Easy in San Francisco.

  • UC Merced Growth

    UC Merced Growth

    The UC Merced campus is expanding 100% and hopes to attract more students to it's burgeoning campus.

  • White


    The new color for Spring is white. Hilary Halls models a bolt of white material.

  • Inquisitive Elephants

    Inquisitive Elephants

    Elephants pop their trunks out of boxcar as they reached Fresno to perform in the Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus.

  • Summer Celebration

    Summer Celebration

    A young man takes a dive into the King's River Sout of Fresno.

  • Civil War Revisited

    Civil War Revisited

    Robert Ian Chaneutt de Burgio III plays confederate Major Chiefy preparing for battle before a reenactment at the Civil War Revisited at Kearney Park

  • Yosemite Falls Photographed

    Yosemite Falls Photographed

    Vaugh Hutchins of Arcata takes a picture of Yosemite Falls with his 8 x 10 view camera. Hutchins was waitng for the right light and cloud combination to make a spectacular image.

  • Night at the Opera

    Night at the Opera

    A woman waits in her fur coat before the Bocelli Concert at the Save Mart Center in Fresno, CA.

  • Two Ladders

    Two Ladders

    Two ladders stand in a cherry orchard at Warmerdam Packing in Hanford,CA.

  • Mendota Draught

    Mendota Draught